Head of Customer Success

Job Description:

Given our business model, where our customers pay us over time, Customer Success is absolutely vital to our long-term profitability. We will not be successful unless our customers are receiving massive value from our service. As such, we need a senior executive to own driving success for our customers. This role includes responsibilities for Customer Success activities (e.g., on-boarding, support, services, adoption, advocacy, retention, etc.) and outcomes (e.g., renewals, up-sell, etc.).



Drive Customer Success Outcomes
- Increase renewal rates and reduce churn
- Expand our revenue in accounts through cross-sell and up-sell
- Influence future lifetime value through higher product adoption, customer satisfaction and overall health scores
- Drive new business growth through greater advocacy and reference-ability
Define and Optimize Customer Lifecycle
- Map customer journey
- Develop listening points in journey (e.g., usage, satisfaction, etc.)
- Standardize interventions for each point in journey
- Define segmentation of customer base and varying strategies
- Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
- Learn from best practices in industry
Manage Customer Success Activities
- Onboarding
- Training
- Professional Services
- Customer Support
- Customer Success Management
- Renewals
- Cross-sell / Up-sell
- Advocacy
Measure Effectiveness of Customer Success
- Define operational metrics for team
- Establish system for tracking metrics
- Create cadence for review within team
- Expose subset of metrics to executive team, company and board
Lead World-class Customer Success Team
- Recruit experienced leaders for each functional role
- Attract high potential individual contributors into team
- Create rapid onboarding process for new team members
- Foster collaboration within team and across customer lifecycle
- Encourage continuous learning within team
Enhance Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Technology
- Support systems
- Customer marketing software
- Reference and advocacy solutions
- Customer Success Management platform
Inspire Customer Success Across Company
- Create company-wide culture of Customer Success
- Align with Marketing around marketing to existing clients
- Align with Product around driving product roadmap
- Align with Sales around cross-sell and up-sell and focus on selling with a retention focus
- Align with Finance around measurement and forecasting
- Align with Executive Team around key metrics and objectives
- Drive company-wide definition of ideal customer
- Create company-wide customer feedback loop

Required Experience/Skills:

- 5+ years experience in leading customer-facing organizations
- Ability to manage influence through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus building
- Ideally combined background of post-sale and sales experience
- Strong empathy for customers AND passion for revenue and growth
- Deep understanding of value drivers in recurring revenue business models
- Analytical and process-oriented mindset
- Demonstrated desire for continuous learning and improvement
- Enthusiastic and creative leader with the ability to inspire others
- Excellent communication and presentation skills
- Relevant Bachelor’s degree; preference for computer science or related degrees