Full-Stack Software Engineer


Job Description:

We’re looking for a distinguished full-stack software engineer to join a small team working on a new state-of-the-art eCommerce SaaS platform based on Django (beta currently available on https://beta.shopgo.me).

Applicants must have established expertise in infrastructure, DevOps, back-end development as well as stunning front end design. We’re a small team and each one of us contributes to all parts of the platform, so deep and broad knowledge of how the web works is very important. For example, applications are expected to be comfortable with:

  1. How HTTP works (e.g. name basic request/response headers, encodings, and protocols)

  2. How browsers work (e.g. describe various details under the ‘Networks’ tab in Chrome DevTools)

  3. Linux (e.g. be familiar with permissions, SSH, logs, processes, user accounts among other aspects)

  4. CSS (e.g. write selectors, know key properties by heart)

  5. Javascript (e.g. be familiar with popular frameworks and libraries, know and use modern language constructs)

  6. Django (e.g. develop views/templates/models)

  7. Docker (e.g. start/manage containers, setup port mappings, and mounts)

  8. Git (e.g. maintain branches, submit PRs, resolve merge conflicts, rebase)

Experience with good software engineering practices is a must (e.g. writing clean, idiomatic, readable and well-documented code) and so is communication skills and overall intelligibility.

Priority will be given to candidates who can demonstrate their experience by submitting evidence of previous work in the form of:

  1. Public Git repositories they’ve created or contributed to

  2. Links to websites, apps or other digital products

  3. Docs or other forms of written technical material